This week, treat yourself with some happy tunes all the way from Edinburgh. Singer/songwriter Candythief presents The Starting Gun, a six-piece collection of pop psychedelic pieces that’s bursting with sonic flavor in every play.

Candythief is the brainchild of Diana de Cabarrus, Anne Aulmann, Andy Phillip, Jack Fawcett and Barry Hughes.

First stop is Time in the Tin, which is the perfect summer anthem for any road trip. Sink your feet in the sand and a sip a cold drink while listening to Candythief’s crisp voice laden with rock and pop influences.

The Starting Gun propels into the ears with a booming arrangement of drums and guitars that slowly hush to blend in an eccentric vocal delivery. The celebration of syncopated instruments that sounds dispersed yet harmonious is what makes this piece fresh and unique.

Junk closes the album in a slower note with layered sharp vocals embedded on a canvas of rhythmic drum beats and fiddle melodies.

All in all, The Starting Gun gives a visual of what Candythief can offer to the table. The songs here feel finished, every line is cut perfectly to fit the melody, making it easy for listeners to digest the whole album.

Track List:
1. Time in the Tin
2. The Starting Gun
3. Amnesty
4. Number Five
5. Pass it On
6. Junk

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