Experimental rock is a type of music that plays with the basic elements of the genre and pushes the boundaries of common composition and performance technique. The performers of experimental rock may attempt to individualize their music with unconventional time signatures, instrumental tunings, compositional styles, lyrical techniques, elements of other musical genres, found objects, or that guy dancing with the lead singer of the band. Petrula has that guy as well and you can see him here:

Progressive rock sometimes abandons the danceable beat that defines earlier styles and is more likely to experiment with compositional structure, instrumentation, harmony, rhythm, and lyrical content. It may demand more effort on the part of the listener than other types of music. Musicians in progressive rock typically also display a high degree of instrumental skill.

Here you have Petrula, a Venezuelan band that mixes those two genres with the most crazy lyrics you will ever read. I mean, in the song “Hombre Arana” (Spiderman in english) they worship the devil and sing the word ‘chocolate’ every time after they say Diablo (devil in english). They even have one song called “Rato Vagina Vagina (No Penis)”. Their influences dance among The Mars Volta and King Crimson but they really have their unique style.

petrula photo

The best song I have heard in a while. Powerful riffs with a GREAT voice, even Cedric Bixer Zavala would be proud. The thing with this song is that it has a very rare structure and it does not turn you away from listening. Mastering that is very hard and Petrula does it like the pros. The guitars are amazing, I really like the sounds used on this song, sometimes you don’t know if it is a fender guitar or a keyboard in there. Favorite track on the EP.

Hombre Arana (Spider-man):
This song should be the soundtrack of every Spiderman movie, what a riff!! Just by listening to this one track you’ll see that this band has something special; they keep giving you incredible riffs with an even better voice melody. The voice production is amazing as well. This is one of those songs that you just don’t have enough words for, so make sure to listen to it:

Really amazing EP.

Track Listing
1- Rato Vagina Vagina (No Penis).
2- Beethoven
3- Sharing Bed With Elephants.
4- Hombre Arana.

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