Software for Apple Desktop Devices


Nook is a free book reader from Barnes and Noble which you can use not just for books but for magazines, newspapers and other reading materials online. With it you can download free ebooks and also make purchases, and there’s a good amount of customization available although it works fine with the default settings.


Zim is an open source text editor that you can use to take down notes and gather your thoughts. Developed by the Zim Wiki Team, it is easy to use and powerful editor that lets you to set up and link wiki pages. If you're tired of the very basic notepad that comes with your OS, then give this a try.


Xmarks is browser add-on that syncs bookmarks for your browsers and computers. Created by Xmarks, the add-on is available for Safari, Firefox and other popular browsers. Apart from syncing bookmarks it will also back up and sync your open tabs and passwords.


GarageBand, developed by Apple, lets you turn your iOS device into a music studio anywhere, anytime. With its Multi-touch feature, you’ll be able to play instruments like drums, guitar and the organ among others. Even if you have never played a music instrument before, you can do it like a pro with GarageBand.

Smart Converter

Smart Converter by ShedWorx is a video converter that produces quick and very high quality output, far superior to other video converters for the Mac. Aside from being fast, the application has support for literally hundreds of file types and can convert them into various formats so you can play them in different devices.


XCode is a free application from Apple that will give programmers and developers all the tools they need to create quality apps for the Mac, iPad and iPhone. There are a lot of interesting and useful features here, but the integrated user interface makes coding, debugging and testing a breeze. And that is just for starters.

Memory Clean

Memory Clean, as the name suggests, is a Mac app that will clean or free up RAM so your applications can use them. Developed by Fiplabs, this is one utility you will appreciate if you use memory intensive programs like Photoshop, CAD and video editing applications.


Radia from developer KimoWorks is a small app that lets you listen to Pandora radio off your Mac’s menu bar. Unlike other mini players for the OS, this one isn’t just 100% free, but there are no ads too.