Software for Apple Desktop Devices



NoobProof is a tool for configuring firewalls on the Mac. Created by Hanynet, this utility makes it easier to change the settings on your firewall until it is at the security level that you prefer. Firewalls are traditionally hard to set up but this one makes it easy to understand and follow.


SeaMonkey is an all in one Internet application suite. Under constant development by the SeaMonkey team the suite includes an Internet browser, web development tools, an IRC client, an HTML editor, an email and newsgroup client. Although it is aimed at web developers and advanced users, many of the applications are easy enough for casual computer users to use.

Livid Looper

Livid Looper from Livid Instruments is free audio software that makes it easy to use samples to create original music. With its easy to use interface you’ll have no trouble editing your sound and adding VST effects and plugins. Because it’s open source you can download not just the program but the code as well.


RSSOwl is a free multi-platform news feed reader that makes it easy to arrange your news and search for specific items. With this program you can sync your articles and subscription list. The program supports multiple tabs so the news feeds can be arranged side by side, and that’s just one of its features.


JEdit is a programmer’s text editor that provides you with plenty of features that a developer will find more than useful. The JEdit developer team has many features that you will find useful such as a built in macro language, plus it has all the features you would expect from powerful Mac and Windows text editors.


BibDesk is an open source program for the Mac that you can use to manage and edit bibliographical notes as well as any associated facts and web links and files. This program by the BibDesk development team makes it easy for you to manage your bibliography for use in other Mac applications.


BlueGriffon is a WYSIWYG content web editor. Developed by Daniel Glazman, the program runs on the Mac, Linux and Windows and is perfect for editing web pages so they conform with the newest standards. While it is packed with a lot of features, it’s simple enough for beginners to use.

Skim for Mac

Skim is a free PDF reader and note taker for the Mac. There are many PDF annotators out there but most require payment. This software from Skim is free and the program makes it easy to add notes to your PDF files, and what’s more, you can save the settings.