Aquamacs is a distribution of the well-known and powerful Emacs text editor. Developed by David Reitter, it looks just like a Mac app and runs like one. However, it retains the power of GNU Emacs. In short, it brings you the power of Emacs as well as the configurability but with an easier to use interface.

Aquamacs goes a long way towards making the Emacs experience so much easier. There are Apple shortcuts along with the ones for Emacs, readable fonts, Apple help guides and an option for a single file per window. Aquamacs also has several modes that you can use for programming languages and markups including XML, Perl, Apple Script, Java, Python HTML, C/C and many others. In addition, these modes have extra functions such as highlighting syntax. In
fact you can use Aquamacs for email or just reading the news.


Another advantage of Aquamacs is that it is regularly updated, and the latest version has many new features. The latest version has bidirectional editing support, completion of text and many more. The application also has full support for Apple’s Retina HD display, and it is also faster than the previous versions.

Aquamacs is also very customizable, and while still a real GNU Emacs, is virtually indistinguishable from other Mac editors. Since the application was launched, it has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times, a testament to its efficiency. Apart from offering a wide range of features and functionality, the application is easy to install. If you’re looking for an easy to use Emacs application, this is it.

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