Born in France, raised between Harlem NYC and Dakar, Senegal, living in Atlanta, Georgia, SagaBoy is a producer/songwriter turned hip-hop artist. He is about to release his newest album – Evolution – “Past, Present, Future” and is offering the fist CD, Evolution – “Past” free, under the Creative Commons license through FrostWire.

About Evolution – “Past”
Evolution – “Past” is SagaBoy’s journey through the early years of his musical carrier. It began when he moved from Harlem, NY to Atlanta, GA and found himself one floor below Akron. It was Akron who opened the doors to SagaBoy’s busy music career. SagaBoy has produced 12 full albums worth of material between 1996 and 1999. The songs included in Evolution – “Past” are purposely not remastered and the most controversial once. As SagaBoy himself described it, ‘it’s a journey into time, a leap into the scene, the music, the lifestyle. (…) Each song chosen in this compilation has its story. And his upcoming documentary will develop the story.’

Who is SagaBoy aka…
One of the quite interesting things we found out about SagaBoy was the number of pseudonyms he went by in the past… Could you have heard about Day Sow or Tahlisman or Rahman or the rugged immigrant or Klash Gabriel or young World Music or Chelsea Brown or Call Me Wut U Want Just Put Mr In Front…?

SagaBoy is definitely not your average rap/hip-hop artist. He listens to Tori Amos, Portishead, REM (of curse along side with Wu-Tang Snoop and others) & lives in 70’s retro furnished studio apartment. He also claims not to be looking for a record deal. ‘When I just started, back in Atlanta, I use to shop my demo for a deal with the Majors’ says SagaBoy. ‘I only came to find out that money is often made out of dishonesty. I have ended up hearing most my demos while clubbing or ridding with a friend. And truthfully I just got tired of telling people “I swear it is my song”, and then playing them the original. The fans don’t care, the industry doesn’t care; and we wonder why hip-hop is at this current state.’

Love and Hate for the Music Industry
Throughout the years, he has loved and hated the music industry. He hates the ego hip-hop has developed, the DJ’s who only play what’s hot instead of making it hot, and the materialism hip-hop has been recently associated with.

What does he love? ‘What I love is plain and simple. The art. I love the beats, the broad range it gives you. I think hip-hop is the only genre of music that can interact with any other genre. I explain. You can mix hip-hop with reggae, classical music, Indian, Arab, Senegalese, Brazilian, all kinds and it will still sound like hip-hop. You can expand without stepping out of boundaries. That’s just great.’

The full ‘Evolution’ album will be available soon. Keep your eyes open and check out the sites below for more info, but most importantly – enjoy the music.

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