picturebookEyes are said to be the windows to our souls. They say you can tell a person’s sincerity by looking at his or her eyes. These are the same eyes that we use to see the reality in front of us; the world that we are living in now.
‘Eyes Are For Sleeping: Stories of People Who Do What They Can’ is a coffee table photo book which features a collection of short stories told through text and images.  Giuseppe Suadoni originally wrote the short stories in Italian, but translated it into English, Spanish and German with the help of his family and friends.

Guiseppe tells stories about things that he has seen with his own eyes, and some of which he had also photographed. These things made him laugh, made him happy or taught him some lessons. He entails to his readers how different one person is from the others; how unique we are in our own little ways.

The photo book tells a variety of stories, as written by Guiseppe. Ranging from a first sweetheart to a medieval warrior dying on the battlefield, it recounts touching and happy moments. It gives many quotes and lines that will truly make you think about life in general, and the simple things that you take for granted, such as happiness.

Keith Ravenscroft provided help with the English translations. His sister Anna and her husband David Ruiz Aguilar translated the stories into Spanish. Gaia Magnani, Magdalena Marschall and Ulrich Sperhake gave the German translations.

The author also thanks Silvio Scorsi for his advices to turn these stories and photos into a book.

We’d like to thank him too, because of what Giueseppe had given us: a nice collection of short stories meant to relate tour everyday lives and a great selection of images meant to touch our visual experience.

What about you? What have your eyes seen lately?

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