K. Sparks is a New York based rap artist, music producer and lyricist all in one. He has been on our radar for a while now. Back in January 2009 we’ve promoted his album “Definition” on FrostWire. In just a few days, he received over 25,000 download and got a great response from hip-hop fans. Today K. Sparks released his newest project with Angelous entitled “Queens vs. Brooklyn” and once again he is giving it away as a free download licensed under Creative Commons.

K.Sparks Bio
K. Sparks always been involved with music. As a child, he used to listen to his father’s jazz band rehearsing in their apartment. Writing became K. Sparks’ focus during his teenage years: “I would write lyrics in my classes… by the end of the day I would have about 5 songs” says K. Sparks. Born and raised in Queens, NY, he quickly learned the value of hard work, dedication and determination and actively started building his career.

At the age of 15 he started performing in various talent venues and began to create a buzz for himself within the Queens area. After a while K. Sparks began recording [his original songs in professional studios.] To date he has released 4 mixtapes, 3 Underground albums, and 1 self titled promotional CD. K. Sparks’ second mixtape generated such a buzz over seas that he was nominated for the best new mixtape release of the year award in London.

K. Sparks then went on to become 1 of 10 finalist in DJ Green Lanterns Freestyle competition, featured in Rap Fanatic Magazine, and featured on several mixtapes such as DJ Ophax, DJ Meddafore, DJ Blendz and DJ Cool Kev. His positive and optimistic outlook is what continues to fuel his drive “Persistence wears down resistance, so you have to always pursue your vision, and never waiver”. K. Sparks combines real life experiences, social commentary, and a witty sense of humor to provide the listener with a more in depth look at society.

Artist & Businessman
In 2005, discouraged by the politics of “making it” in the hip-hop circles, he created his own music production/song writing company, Double Up Entertainment, which has now grown to have offices in New York, Connecticut, California, and Texas. K. Sparks continues to write, record and produce massive amounts of material, always trying to strike a balance between being an artist and a CEO.

The Free Album
“Queens vs Brooklyn” is a joint project of K. Sparks (Queens) and Angelous (Brooklyn). The album contains 21 tracks that are meant to be listened to in chronological order as they take the listener on a journey from start to finish. K. Sparks and Angelous have collaborated with many other artists in this album – Julius Francis and Tina Quallo are just some of them. Production artists include: Kurser, T-Mos, Big Drew, Pajozo, and others.

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