SudoCue is one of the many Sudoku-based games available for free download online. There’s no doubt that Sudoku has become quite a staple for brain puzzler enthusiasts. It’s easy to play, it’s challenging and some even claim that it helps to improve your mathematical skills.

I’m not too sure whether it actually does or it doesn’t, but you can definitely have some fun solving those Sudoku puzzles with SudoCue. SudoCue functions more than just offering you Sudoku puzzles to play. The program actually provides you with tons of options to help you solve even the most challenging Sudoku puzzles you can find. It will help randomly generate challenges if you feel like playing and it will also let you save and open other puzzles that you are keen on solving.

Using SudoCue can also help you to identify whether a puzzle that you’ve found and want to solve is even valid in the first place. The interface for the software is pretty easy to use, adding to the fun and challenge of playing this ancient game.

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