Originally available for sale on the iPhone store, Ngmoco has finally changed their minds and made Dropship available as a free download. Praised by many as “one of the best shooter games” on the device; it’s certainly won its fair share of fans.

The game allows you to test your skills as a dropship captain; ferrying human passengers using tractor beams. Graphics feature a colorful Tron-esque world of blocks and beams.

This is the fourth game from the developers and it seems that they definitely got it down to pat. It’s an excellent game that’s certainly worth checking out. Grab the download and start playing!

Dropship puts you in the shoes of a dropship captain. You’re going to need to help out stranded passengers as well as recover several lost pods along the way. The game is an interesting mix of 2D gameplay matched with 3D graphics. This formula allows players to gain a wonderful new experience when navigating through the game.

Controls are a bit different for this one. You have to steer your ship using your left or right thumb. Left controls are in charge of thrusting your ship while the right thumb also manages the direction you will be firing. The controls take a bit of time to get used to but once you do, it’s a pretty fun and easy way to play the game.

There are two separate game modes as well: Campaign and Free Play. Free Play is more traditional. You need to complete and transport a certain number of people before you can overcome the level. There’s a time limit so you have to be quick on your toes or maybe, thumbs, when completing the stage. On the other hand, Campaign mode assigns you 18 missions that you need to complete. Your main goal is to recover a lost pod.

Overall, you’ll definitely enjoy playing this game. The controls and gameplay are pretty cool; definitely worth giving a try.

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