When it comes to video editing, it’s easy to find a host of free software that you can use for your needs. However, it’s rare to find a software that has pretty much everything you need. HyperEngine- AV is a great example of a program that feature almost everything you require when it comes to video editing.

It’s a well-rounded multimedia software that edits, arranges and processes audio, video and even text without requiring users to have a background in video editing or sound processing. The program is developed by Arboretum Systems and is offered absolutely free for the many Mac users out there.┬áIf you’re not happy with your current video editing software, give this one a go. It might be the program you’re looking for.

The program is a “mutimedia authoring” software that can easily handle almost any task you need when it comes to processing or editing videos. Some of the prominent or noteworthy features to expect from HyperEngine- AV include:

  • Has “trackless workspace” which allows users to manipulate a limitless number of audio, video, stills and even text.
  • Automatic creation of editable transitions whenever users drag a video on top of each other.
  • Complete Quicktime effects
  • Equipped with 12 studio quality effects for users to enjoy

These are just a few of the highlights you can expect from this cool program. Another nice thing about HyperEngine is that it features a very easy-to-use interface. It’s pretty easy to use that there’s hardly any learning curve when handling the software for the first time. Moreover, the text feature of the program is also perfect for editing screen credits, karaoke lyrics as well as titles.

Overall, the program is worth downloading if you want something that provides most of your needs for video editing. It’s as close as you can get without shedding out cash. However, if you want more options, you can purchase additional features and really turn this cool program into a monster. Give it a go.

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