For mac users everywhere who are looking for an easy way to share files from one computer to their iPhone, iPad or other mac computers, DropCopy is the perfect software to have. Looking like an alien ring logo sitting on your desktop, this little software is quite easy to use and will definitely save time and effort in transferring files.

With its simple drag and drop function, the program makes it possible to share documents, images, and other things between computers that have DropCopy installed. The program is free for personal use, allowing you to hook up to 3 devices. If you need to share with more devices, there’s a Pro version available for a certain fee. 

DropCopy works by locating another copy of the program running on your local network. For computers that are not connected to your LAN, it’s possible to manually encode the computers IP address so the program can locate it. Once both computers have DropCopy turned on and has found each other, a small transparent circle will appear signalling that you can now drag and drop the files you want to transfer.

When dropping a file, the icon for the program will showcase a percentage and also give you a heads up once the transfer has been done. It’s really that easy. If you’re in a public area and worried about having people transfer malicious files onto your computer, it’s possible to turn off the “automatic receive” option so you have control over who can share their files with you.

Moreover, there are two additional benefits you can get from the program. First is it has the capability to send text messages between computers that have it installed. A pop-up window will show up indicating that another user has a message for you. Second, it has the capacity to perform clipboard sharing as well. This is very convenient for a lot of users.

Overall, the program is very useful. Sure, the drawback of having to pay an amount if you use it on more than 3 devices is a bit of a hassle but for home/personal use, Drop Copy is perfect. It’s convenient and won’t even take up too much space.

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