Playing FallOver! for the first time might seem as if the game is broken. The game is basically your typical Mario-esque platformer with a little twist – it has weird game physics.

Instead of the typical run, jump, walk affair, your little character has trouble keeping his two feet firmly planted on the ground. He has to walk with tons of coins in his pocket when he collects them so he constantly topples and “falls over.” This little twist is definitely enough to set apart the game from all other typical platformers. It’s a bit short but otherwise pretty fun to play.

Giving the game a first go can be a bit frustrating. You’ll need to adjust to your unbalanced protagonist and how he often falls flat on his face or ends up head-butting a platform whenever he walks. However, once you manage to adjust to the physics, the game becomes quite enjoyable to play.

There are 8 levels that you must go through. At the very end of each level, there’s a flag that you need to reach so you can proceed to the next stage. As you play through the stage, it’s important that your little British guy doesn’t fall on his face more than three times, otherwise you’re going to have to restart the level. You’ll also need to collect coins as you trudge along. This will help you earn points.

Controls are typical; arrow keys are used for the movement. If you want to jump, press S. If you want to get up after falling down, press A and then press R if you would like to restart the level.

Overall, the game is pretty cool and certainly different.

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