Bryyn: FTTme

Swiss music is always good to have since only a few are around to choose from. Hailing from Lausanne, Switzerland, the French-speaking part of the country, Bryyn is the living proof that army knives and hot chocolate beverages are not the only things that the Swiss should be proud of. Most of his songs are written and recorded at his apartment together with his wife, Rachel and a couple of his friends playing the instruments.


He is fat, pink, and has an adorable snout. He has everything you are looking for in a pig. But by the end of this short film, you will surely contest that Ormie the pig is more than just delightful and charming written all over him. For the whole length of the short, watch Ormie as he launches numerous attempts in pursuit of his love – a jar filled with cookies. And what does a pig got to do in the face of food? Take it down and gobble it. It is not that easy a task; but, Ormie is not your ordinary pig in a pen.

Pepper Johnson: Flat Country

Hop on the the time machine as Pepper Johnsons' Flat Country brings you good old country melodies with a psychedelic twist. Released last June 19, this 8-track album was written and performed by David Moore at Brooklyn, NY. Other musicians that made this album possible are Jeff Ratner, Kari Groff, and Kristen Andreason.


Liberate some love in Made Bed, a five-minuter short that combines voice and vision. Written and directed by Kevin Oestenstad, this litte piece of visual masterpiece conveys raw emotion about courage, life, and great men. Mainly using narration, the filmmakers takes us on a tour that savors on picturesque images and brilliant shots. Much is given credit to Kevin Oestenstad and Tony Swaney's acting prowess. The undeniable talent that they have showcased served as the backbone for such a polished film.

3×3 by Nuno Rocha

3x3 by the talented Nuno Rocha delivers us a quick laugh to brighten up those gloomy days. Awarded and selected by numerous film festival both in Spain and other countries including a recent stint at the 27+One Film Festival in Russia, this short comedy is a splendid mix of wit and great craftsmanship. The film opens with a night watchman who spends time practicing on a basketball court. He shows his expert abilities to a simple janitor, who then uses an unlikely way to perfect shooting a ball into a basket.

Seann Scene: One on One

There’s a new kid on the hip hop block and it looks like he’s ready to fly high. Born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida, Sean Lovins a.k.a Seann Scene is not your ordinary boy next door musician. He began rapping at the age of thirteen with different styles ranging from underground, east coast, and pop rap. After his three and a half years in the army, he returns to Florida to follow his dreams in the hip hop world. His latest album, One on One, is a collection of seven tracks that will shift your mind in fifth gear.

Germany Germany: Last Summer

Falling largely within the pleasing electronic-chillwave framework, Germany Germany’s Last Summer is a fresh musical treat to the indie camp. Drew Harris, better known as Germany Germany is an independent musician from Victoria, Canada. Released last October 27, 2010, Last Summer offers eight tracks of perfectly enunciated music that encapsulates a nostalgic summer.

Facebook Messenger

Want to do more than just chatting with your Fb friends? Then Facebook might have just heard your plea with the introduction of Facebook Messenger. Now, not only you have the option to chat with your Fb friends, but also share your world with them in a full-fledged manner, all from your smartphone. (Umm..quite literally). Yes, you heard that right. Facebook messenger opens a door to an all-new multimedia sharing world as it is now possible to share pictures, videos, current locations, and also have group chat with just one click.