A well-curated mixtape is all about maintaining a mood throughout. There shouldn’t be a song that feels out of place or a track that derails the ambiance of the tape. With NWDS #3 Spring Tape, there is an invisible thread holding all the tracks together to create a smooth flow of music from one track to the next.

Nowadays Records is a French label that a dozen of talented artists under its care. Their affinity for hip-hop, future beat, trip hop and bass music is in full display with their latest release, NWDS #3 Spring Tape.

Vect’s Stay TGTHR is a tight trip hop and bass track that pulses with samples and layered vocals. The track Casino by Phazz begins as a downtempo track oozing with mystery before it unravels into a stellar track brimming with energy and urgency. With its industrial beats and reckless rhythms, it is the perfect soundtrack to a night of debauchery and madness. Another standout is Everydayz’s Ven Aqui Papi, a track that throbs and pulsates with heavy bass and slow-as-honey beats.

Spread the beat and get to know the most promising names in hip-hop and electronic music via this well-produced piece of musical artistry.

Track List:
1. Vect – Stay TGTHR
2. Fakear – Broken
3. Leska (Les Gordon & Douchka) – Keys
4. Phazz – Casino
5. Yann Kesz feat. Eiko – Distant Crossings
6. Hoosky – Turn It Up I
7. Hoosky – Turn It Up II
8. Everydayz – Ven Aqui Papi
9. Maverick – Revolution
10. Fulgeance – Les Meduses
11. Hugo LX – Hikari
12. Monk’ – Foams

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