Bringing souful vibes back to the realm of hip hop, Miles Apart by Paper Plane Project brims with jazzy melodies for that perfect Sunday afternoon.

Hailing from Australia, Paper Plane Project is Mason Kimber and Nick Bennett. Sharing a love for old records and soulful beats, the duo started making music together after a record-digging trip to Brazil.

After years of making music, the duo flew to Brooklyn, New York where they collaborated with different musicians and like-minded artists. Released last December 13 2011, this 7-track EP features a blend of soulful hip hop, modern funk, boogie, and Brazilian worldly rhytms.

Step Inside opens with a fresh vibe and funky vocals. Hooking arrangements exude chill and danceable rhytms. Don’t Lie ft. J. Maka El & Raashan Ahmad paints a stark contrast between old jazzy radio music and powerful rapping. It also has a catchy chorus that’s dangeoursly addictive.

A perfect companion for the warm summer, Backyard Breeze encapsulates the word “laid back” as Brazillian tunes sail smoothly with jazzy horns and fluttering piano keys. Sit back, grab a book, and let this sonic treasure warm your ears. A tribute to old records and steady hip hop, Downtown closes the album with the duo’s well-loved trademark.

Miles Apart by Paper Plane Project is a playlist catch as its sonic freshness and chill tunes adapts to every mood and changing season.

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