When Damien Verret and Julian Lyndell collaborate in a musical project, expect nothing less. Mansion Closets‘ debut album entitled You Always Do This is a cosmic universe of pure unbridled bliss.

Released last September 19, 2010, this nine-track set is the product of many late nights and home recording sessions. The album’s catalog of music has been flawless so far, kicking off with I Hope You Like Spider Pellets, a charming yet playful song that showcases Lyndell’s very sweet vocals. Her voice plays along the likes of Tracyanne Campell (of Camera Obscura) and Regina Spektor.

Sweet Dew follows with glowing keyboards and intricate arrangements. The two managed to emphasize their dueling vocals without overpowering the subtle and soothing love song.

The track entitled Substanceless is yet another one of must-hear treats. This short yet clever piece has the funniest lyrics like “I know exactly why your whole life is so out of sorts. You don’t have any lines of coke to snort.” These cynical lines backed up with solid beats create one awesome masterpiece.

The album closes with You Always Do This!, a technical song filled with electronic tunes. Even though the lines are filled with angst, they do not eat up the listener. The brilliant musical arrangement soothes the very strong lyrics.

Overall, You Always Do This is a great debut album that delves on the subject of love and hate. Though some pieces have literal lyrics, the nectar-infused voices of the duo and their infectious melodies reward those both mad, sad and in love.

The album is available as a pay-what-you-want/free download.

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