Sweet and charming. Those are the first two words youíll probably think of when you hear this short but solid EP from Tan Yu Quan.

Although not much is out there about the singer, he is from Singapore and the charming EP is his first proper release. The entire four tracks were recorded from home and served simply as a personal project for the young musician.

Despite being a home recording, The Caterpillar Sandwich sounds quite polished and emanates with beautiful acoustic pop tracks throughout.

After a short 40 second intro, listeners are greeted with A Little, Little Crazy. Itís a charming acoustic pop track that lays out the singerís talent on the table. With beautiful vocals and great guitar work, the simple cut is hard to miss. Itís easy to find it stuck on your head without much effort. Even if youíre not a fan of acoustic pop, thereís something about this guy thatíll make you want to listen.

Wings of the Moment continues the upbeat acoustic playlist. The track is quite refreshing and still brings in the singerís penchant for great guitar strumming and expressive vocal work. In parts, Tan Yu Quan echoes a young and fresh take on Jason Mraz with the guitar stylistics of John Mayer in Room for Squares. Very pop yet also quite traditional, something thatís hard to find a good balance of in the current autotune obsessed pop music world.

Yummy Butterflies finishes the sweet record and rounds off the beautiful ambiance that the EP creates. The artistsí vocal work vary from fast paced rhymes to melodic singing; essentially churning out a happy cut thatís completed with handclaps.

Overall, this is probably one of my recent favorite discoveries online. Personally, not so much a fan of acoustic pop but this kid captures your attention easily and makes you like him without any effort. Great tracks to get lost and feel-good in so make sure to grab the download.

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