Everyone, young and old, will find a something to appreciate in Wolfsong, an animated short created by Toniko Pantoja.

Witness how a mother wolf breaks into a hunter’s den and takes back her cub, only to find it a motionless trophy. She sings a lullaby hoping that the cub would finally sleep, not knowing that the young hunter stalks them back from the den.

In just four minutes, Pantoja has engrossed the audience into a touching mother-and-son story. The narrative is dark, deep and more complex that was surprisingly executed in a matter of minutes. Using story devices such as flashback, the complexity of the story was diluted into digestible nuggets for the audience.

Accompanying music by Denny Schneidemesserr and oboe by Kris Naigus pair well to the immersive visuals. I personally like how the melodies in each track connects with the character, channeling some deep emotions.

All in all, Wolfsong is a treat for those seeking for something brilliant to fill their short breaks. Whether you’re a kid or an adult, don’t let that stop you from sinking your teeth in this must-watch animation.

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