No further introduction on this one: the boys of Hanson are wiping off their “Mmmbop” personas once and for all!

Celebrating their 21 years in the industry – can you believe it? – Zac, Isaac, and Taylor are releasing this 5-track EP as a sort-of recap of highlights within their recent years. It’s mostly composed of live tracks, so the listening experience is akin to being a part of the crowd, screaming and all that.

The new track “Tonight” leads the pack, taken from their latest album, Anthem. At best, it is a modest-sounding track, and can easily climb up those adult contemporary charts in the vein of Gavin DeGraw or The Script.

A staff pick is the next track, a live performance of “Thinking ‘Bout Somethin’“, a single from the brilliant 2010 collection, Shout It Out. The band really does shine in this soul-tinged pop, especially when performed live, since it maximizes their fun side to the core.

In an unusual move, the remaining three are live versions of a B-side (“Every Word I Say” from the Penny & Me single), bonus track (“A Song To Sing” from This Time Around), and an album cut (“Hand In Hand” from the same album). All are still gems on their own, and are guaranteed nostalgic throwbacks to their adolescent years.

21 Years of Music, and the Hanson’s still got it. Your playlist won’t be complete without this one.

Track listing:
1. Tonight
2. Thinking ‘Bout Somethin’ (live)
3. Every Word I Say (live)
4. A Song To Sing (live)
5. Hand In Hand (live)

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