When it comes to pairing stuff, we can think of many good ones: coffee and creamer, peanut butter and jelly, and… grass and sky?!

On a serious note, we’re not getting much out of this trite pair, but Shawn Smith holds our cynicisms to make way for his music first, which is as good as an explanation as he can provide.

Grass and Sky is one of his many EP releases this year, and as the “nth” (?) one, he’s still not losing the mojo so far. Upon listening to the opening track, “All The Love In The World,” you’ll immediately be awed by how he carefully dabbles into the ambient world.

It Was A Holiday,” one of our favorites, has successfully lost us in a realm where we don’t have any clue if we’re happy or sad, rejected or accepted, and even brimming with life or sucked out of it.


Even “Standing In Your Power,” the penultimate track, is equally sonic, albeit a more band-oriented production.

Really, do pay a listen; this is the silver lining.

Track listing:

1. All The Love In The World (That’s What’s Needed)
2. It Was A Holiday
3. Grass And Sky
4. Glorious
5. Standing In Your Power
6. The Other Side of Death (Is Wide Open)

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