Indie rock band Candids took birth with the coming together of three young men in 2012 in the city of Nantes, France. The trio, since then, has been creating raucously catchy pop-rock tracks that they like to call “campfire hits”. On their second EP, Modern Life, the Candids offer us a generous refill of their splendid music.

Modern Life, though the title may suggest something serious and philosophical, is an album based around the idea of being carefree and living in the moment. Drawing influences from punk, shoegaze and even psychedelic rock, the Candids‘s music paints a fuzzy, colorful picture imbued with bliss as well as nostalgia The boyish vocals emit a contagious feeling of joy and youthfulness amidst the band’s roaring guitar chords, and the bright, sugary pop melodies qualify the record to be included in our summer playlists. Listeners may often find themselves recalling their own days of adolescence, hearing the band’s lyrics about a life driven by the vagabond spirit, where troubles take a backseat.

Favorite Track: Endless Sky

Track List
1. Endless Sky
2. Summer
3. Modern Life
4. Ecstatic
5. I See You

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