Yes, you most likely heard about this one before, GarageBand, developed by Apple, lets you turn your iOS device into a music studio anywhere, anytime. With its Multi-touch feature, you’ll be able to play instruments like drums, guitar and the organ among others. Even if you have never played a music instrument before, you can do it like a pro with GarageBand.

There are a ton of prerecorded loops included here, so it’s a good thing the controls are intuitive, and the touchscreen controls make it even easier to use. Furthermore the app now supports Audiobus, allowing you to choose effects and sounds from other music applications and importing them to GarageBand, extending its functionality even more.

Garage Band

There are plenty of features to enjoy here including eight tracking mixing and recording, numerous Touch instruments and better than 250 loops you can work with. The app also lets you export AAC files, add them to iTunes or email them. Even with all these features GarageBand is very easy to use. Once the program starts you just need to select an instrument and play, that’s it.

The app has plenty of instruments that rival real life instruments in terms of sound quality, but there are some special effects added that you can use. Just an example, the smart keyboard sets all the chords you chose down, meaning anything you press will be in accordance with the song. To change a key, you just press the wrench key. Even if you have little or no music experience, with GarageBand you can create a good song by combining chords and bass.

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