Disco may be dead, but its spirit lives on in various musical genres and artists who have taken it to a different level to suit modern sensibilities. Huge Disco! by Conway Hambone shows how you can take disco – as polarizing genre as any – and turn it into something new but still have that classic touch. The four tracks demonstrate that one, retro is still hot, and two, that’s not a bad thing when done right.

Art Macs Moog Swings sets things up nicely, and right from the opening you get that feeling of electricity in the air. It’s an instrumental like the other three, with a persistent steady beat. The flute section is exemplary and gives the song that irresistible groove. No doubt there’s elements of disco here, but it is also modern. Art Macs Moog Swings is simply atmospheric with a beautiful rhythm.

Herbert Fontaine Rides Again! can be described in different ways, but if we had to choose one word, it’s funky. The funky groove is highlighted by the flute and guitar interplay, driving the song steadily without losing a beat. it’s the kind of song you can dance to but is just as suited for chilling out. The third track is Illegal Disco 3 and at over 5 minutes is the longest. It doesn’t feel that way though as the song, while new, has this feeling of familiarity, like reliving fond memories. It is unmistakably contemporary but the ode to the 70s cannot be missed.

Last bu not the least is Texican 73, and with its disco and reggae undertone strikes the right chords. The mid tempo beat is perfect for when you’re cruising and want some ear candy. Bottom line is Huge Disco! offers fun, enjoyable party music, and if you want to have a good time this is your ideal companion.

Favorite Tracks
Art Macs Moog Swings
Herbert Fontaine Rides Again!

Track List
1. Art Macs Moog Swings 3:31
2. Herbert Fontaine Rides Again! 3:06
3. Illegal Disco 3 5:19
4. Texican 73 4:26

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