Set the cliches aside for a moment as Florrie‘s Introduction EP bursts with vibrant sonic oddness. The 22-year old singer, songwriter, drummer, and guitarist treats us with edgy riffs, stomping beats, and an elite musical taste.

Growing up in Bristol, England, Florrie Arnolds grew up loving music. At the age of 7, she had already played the drums and at 16 years old, she left her home town to make music in London. She started her career as an in-house drummer at Xenomia playing for some records of Girls Aloud, Pet Shop Boys, and Kylie Minougue. After several years of drumming, the artist finally switched as a front woman.

Call of the Wild opens up with a handful of raw energy transformed into an upbeat electro rock ensemble. Upon listening, one thing that stood out is the track’s clean production signifying that this girl really knows what she’s doing. Repetitive beats added with Florrie’s layered vocals will surely the listener a steady psychedelic high.

Following with rapid drum beats, Give Me Your Love sheds an eccentric vibe. Press play and let this adrenaline-filled song jumpstart your morning. A personal favorite, Summer Nights is the perfect party anthem. Its trippy and snazzy attitude crafts the right mood for steady dancing without polluting the ears.

Left Too Late wraps up in a downtempo piece with a slow and sexy vibe. Florie’s vocal shines through as it swirls in the heart of the song, raising this piece into the upper echolons of chill electro music.


With only four tracks, this is serves as an entry-point for new fans and an air of respect for old ones. In this album, Florrie Arnolds has proven that she is someone that stands out from the crowd. With currently three EPs and a steady global fan base, Florrie is a modern recording artist that’s ready to give her listeners their finest moments.

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