Stickman games are very popular on mobile today, and iKungfu Stickman Kungfu Master from Tofu Games is certainly a welcome addition to the list. While there’s no shortage of sidescroller games on Android, this title manages to stick out from the rest with its addictive gameplay that will have you coming back for more.

iKungfu Stickman Kungfu Master is a sidescroller beat ‘em up that conjures images of classic video games, yet at the same time it has many of the elements you love in stickman games, in particular the graphics and smooth movements. The controls are intuitive and the early stages will break you in slowly to the game, which is nice.

In the game you play a Kung-Fu master stickman: your girl has just been abducted by evil stickmen and it’s up to you to rescue her, and this entails a lot of punching, kicking and beating up other stickmen. If you’ve played other sidescroller fighting games before the set up will look very familiar, so getting the hang of iKungfu Stickman Kungfu Master won’t be a problem.

There are a lot of maps in the game, and the more you play the more you’ll uncover. The challenges get more difficult, and you’ll encounter some big bosses too, but even so you’re not helpless as there are several weapons you’ll be able to unlock. Plus your character has a rage feature that increases when you beat other stickmen, and you can use this to unleash powerful moves on tougher opponents. Bottom line: this is a great game.

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