Snapimals from BebopBee combine elements of park simulation building and animal photography for a unique game. You are the new photographer at an animal island park, and it’s your job to take photos of the fauna for display at the island’s museum to entice visitors, but there’s a lot more to this than that.

To take the best photos you have to explore swamps, caves, the jungle as well as zoom and move quickly to take the best animal photos possible. After each journey, your pictures will be turned over to the Captain, the man who owns the island. The best photos are used for displaying on the museum while the rest are to be sold.

The photos you sell are used to make money and upgrade the museum as well as the other parts of the park. The upgrade options vary, including getting a new camera with better capabilities. The combination of photo shooting and park building should keep you busy, but there are other side challenges to further keep you engrossed. Some of these challenges come in the form of photo requests that you need to fulfill, so you need to be prepared.

Even so, the general atmosphere in Snapimals is quite relaxing, and the gameplay is absorbing thanks to the animals. The people who visit the park also make comments that give you an idea of what to build next. In other words, this is a good game that delivers the goods, varied, beautifully designed and easy to get into.

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