The story of Charlotte Eriksson‘s (a.k.a The Glass Child) seems like something right out of a movie. At the age of 18, the artist left her family, friends, and everything else she had to move to London to pursue her dream of reaching out to the world through music. And it is safe to say that it was worth it. Charlotte now has an army of a fanbase, with over 35000 follower on Twitter and Tumblr, who identify with her deeply personal songs about self-discovery and fighting for your dreams and she also owns a record label – Broken Glass Records.

“Every song on this EP started out as something I wanted or needed to tell someone. They are letters of things I never said but wish I would have.” Charlotte writes about her EP Love Always, Your Tragedy. She paints her pictures of love. loss and hope on a delicate canvas of warm, acoustic songwriting where her simple yet effective melodies take the spotlight. Her light and fragile voice, meanwhile, serves as the perfect match to her organic instrumentation. Opener I Gave My All is a relatable tune about a failed relationship, while the closer I’ll Be There For You stands in stark contrast with Charlotte admitting to her flaws and mistakes as a partner. I’ll Be Ok, on the other hand, brings to mind the work of Sufjan Stevens, with its gorgeous piano and gentle guitars.

Favorite Tracks: I Will Be Ok, Time Tore Us Apart, Dreamers

Track List
1. I Gave My All 03:38
2. I Will Be Ok 04:07
3. Time Tore Us Apart 03:10
4. Dreamers 03:51
5. I’ll Be There For You 04:04

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