Hailing from Brockton, Massachusetts, a city often dubbed “The City of Champions”, comes a quartet of champs that call themselves The Cultured. Their second album titled Spring, is a great collection of warm songs that remind us of that time period between late March and early June. By combining the varied musical and environmental backgrounds of its members, The Cultured is able to skillfully craft together different feels and grooves under one central theme of renewal and fertility. You know, Spring.

The album opens up with Gemini, a great start that sets that “spring morning” feel with its fast tempo, bright guitars and the theme of trying to find love. About halfway through the album slips into a late, warm afternoon with the 6th track, Jolie. Boasting smooth Latin rhythm percussion supporting even smoother acoustic guitars and vocals. The album even dips into a busy spring evening/night on the 8th track, Strangers Eyes with electric piano progressions and guitar riffs that will make you want to dance the sun away.


This album successfully captures that fair weather and the emotions that go along with the season. So click the free download button and make Spring arrive early this year.

Track List
1. Gemini
2. Twelve
3. Diamond Ring
4. Myths of the Modern Man
5. Revelation
6. Jolie
7. Women and Wine
8. Stranger’s Eyes
10. Clone
11. Waves and Wolves

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