Australian producer Zen Peterson or ZEN presents Forgiveness (許し). This 5 track EP is a musical representation of the different emotions he experienced from a relationship that didn’t work out. Although there are influences from different EDM branches, the style stays true to the artist’s name. At times the EP is very minimalistic and calming. It was very soothing for Zen to make, and in effect it’s very soothing to listen to.

The track list itself gives a layout of the story. First Night In Tokyo opens up the album with a soundscape of the city. As the grooves come in there in an underlying buzz and movement that can be expected from a bustling city that never seems to stop. The Day We Met immediately cuts through that chaos with a light-hearted, melodic synth and a subtle bounce to the rhythmic portions of the song. It has a bit of an 8-bit sound that feels like pixelated hearts. Expectations and Reality have slightly contrasting sounds to match their contrasting meanings. Expectations has a more pulsing beat with pads and other sounds that are more forward, while Reality has more of a chill beat, with a steady looping guitar and soft piano chords. Forgiveness provides the album with some closure. Zen gives himself some creative room to show off his producing skills in this chill future track, especially with the percussion.

ZEN puts a lot of the emotions he felt into this EP, so download Forgiveness (許し) today. And to hear more of these meditative feelings, follow him on Soundcloud.

Track List
1. First Night In Tokyo
2. The Day We Met
3. Expectations
4. Reality
5. Forgiveness

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