Paint your day in wild popping colors with Rubblebucket Essentials, a collection of refreshing alternative tunes with eccentric stylings.

Born in the thriving music scene of Brooklyn, Rubblebucket has been creating wild art-pop and out-of-the-box music for years. Though the band veers from the mainstream sound, the tracks here are very pleasurable to listen to even for non-indie fans. Rubblebucket consists of Alex Toth, Kamia Traver, Adam Dotson, David Cole, and Ian Hersey.

Exciting our senses is opening track, Sounds of Erasing. Get lost in a celebration of rhythmic,hand-clapping beats set on an ambient sonic background. Kalmia’s distinct voice solidifies and mellows down in all the right places, creating a brilliant piece with layers over layers of
sonic flavor.

Down In The Yards follows with much soul and uniqueness. A surprising mix of hyperkinetic tunes and jazzy saxophones embellish our ears in sonic goodness that we’ve never experienced before.

Another standout track, Save Charlie gets your groove on with a soulful arrangement, electro beats, and saccharine vocals, giving just the right amount of psychedelic high for late-night chilling at the bar. While Pain From Love wraps up the collection in a festival of surf pop melodies and intricate electronic tunes. Press play and let this piece energize your senses.

Featuring 14 tracks, Rubblebucket Essentials is a goldmine of exceptional songs that you’ll easily fall in love with.

Track List:
1. Sound Of Erasing
2. Down In The Yards
3. L’Homme
4. Silly Fathers
5. Came Out Of A Lady
6. Raining
7. Breatherz (Young As Clouds)
8. Rescue Ranger
9. Lifted Weak Arms
10. Triangular Daisies
11. Worker
12. Pile of Rage
13. Save Charlie
14. Pain From Love

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