Be the first one to listen to Peter Anthony Redís debut album The Projectionist released last June 26.

As stated in his bandcamp page, this conceptual EP follows a short, yet powerful narrative of a forgotten man working through the emotional roller coaster of a breakdown and subsequent search for personal reinvention.

Peter Anthony Red is the moniker for QN5 founder Tonedeffsís latest musical project. This singing-based EP boasts five tracks that will surely make fans crave for its forthcoming full-length album entitled Hyperrealism.

Title track The Projectionist opens up with short, yet image-filled verses. Sounds from a motion picture projector cast an overall theme for the listeners.

Following with hazy electro melodies, Never Enough channels a lot of emotional energy to the listeners. I love how the orchestral scores are perfectly placed throughout the track.

Spiral surprises us with a rapid, almost-rapping delivery. This, blended with piano keys is the ultimate genre mash-up. Also, the fast rapping gives you a taste on the whirlwind mind of the Projectionist. Climb, on the other hand, is a gloomy yet blissful serenade of glowing harmonies. Close your eyes and let this ambient track transport you to another world.

Sealing up the EP is Stones. Peter Anthony Red breathes new life to this familiar sound creating stellar harmonies.

Overall, The Projectionist is a boundary-pushing EP that succeeds in utilizing hip hopís idea of a mixtape and transforming it to a remotely different genre. Peter Anthony Red is introducing foreign musical territories, and it looks like we are going to like it.

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