Brake or Break from Meizi Games is a physics based racing game with a touch of endless runner thrown in. Basically you just need to drive your car as far as you can before it crashes. The game’s title, Brake or Break, pretty much tells you what you have to do. Sounds simple, but it’s a challenge.

Your car is always on the move, and you just need to tap the screen to brake. The trick of course, is to brake on time. It’s easy to do at first, but later on the weather becomes a factor. Furthermore you also have to deal with polar bears, beach balls and other obstacles.

Your car has a life bar, and this goes down when you crash or hit something. Once the meter runs out, it’s over, so you need to be careful. Apart from that however, you can also grab the power ups to boost your life bar. You will also want to grab the propeller power up that hooks up to your car, allowing it to withstand the wind.

There are four types of terrains in Brake or Break, each with a unique theme. There ae several vehicles you can drive, and play the game long enough and you’ll get to access new costumes for your character.
Brake or Break requires skill to get far, but it treats you fairly. If you like endless runners and physics based mobile games, this will be right up your alley and will be hard to put down.

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