Asphalt Nitro from Gameloft is another entry in the Asphalt game series and it doesn’t disappoint. The download is just 25 MB and only takes 110 MB, very small compared to other racing games today. But don’t mistake its small size for lack of quality as the gameplay is solid.

If it’s your first time to play, you can go through the tutorial and learn how the controls work. Basically you just tilt your device left or right depending where you want to steer, and tap the left side of the screen to brake. Once you’ve got the controls down, you’ll be able to do stunts.

Just like other racing games, you start with a basic car and by winning races you’ll earn credits and purchase new components to improve performance. The races are organized into seasons, and there are single and multiplayer modes available. In addition there are other events you can participate in and win.

The gameplay is smooth and the simplified controls make it easy to get into the game. The tracks vary, ranging from cities to deserts, to snowy mountains and so on. Multiplayer is a lot of fun but so is single player mode, and you should spend some time here if you’re new to the game as the tracks can be challenging with all the twists and turns.

Asphalt Nitro is a cool racing game. It doesn’t reinvent the genre but doesn’t need to. The tracks are well-designed and if you play the game you’re going to go places, and its small download and installation size is a plus.

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