What if you suddenly find yourself on an island, alone with only dinosaurs for company? In Ark of Craft: Dinosaurs from GamesFirst, that’s exactly what happens. It’s a survival game where the objective is to use the resources on the island, and it will test your creativity and ability to strategize.

You swipe the screen to look around, choose a direction and swipe to start walking. There is an action button and apart from striking, you can use it to gather materials and turn them into useful tools. You tap the inventory tab so you can examine the items in your possession. If you have cut enough stones for instance, you could craft this into an axe.

Mastering the controls and getting a grasp of the tabs and inventories isn’t as hard as it seems. When the game starts, launch the tutorial as it will walk you through the basics. As you wander around, keep in mind the berries are your food source. They’re found in thin trees and grass plants. Walk up to one and the attack button will turn into a gather button, allowing you to collect them.

Some of the dinosaurs – and other wild beasts – attack only when you go after them. Others are real predators, so you have to be careful. Don’t fight them head to head, rather just circle strafe to steer clear.
Once you’ve crafted basic tools, you can start building shelter. As you explore, turn auto targeting on so the action button will change when you’re near something of value. Bottom line: there’s a lot to do and discover here.

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