Invaders” is the latest of Einarx’s numerous releases under South Korea’s Magnus Records. It offers the same type of brutal, in-your-face production from previous efforts, but retains a bit more Asian charm through clever voice sampling and melodic sections. Do not be confused, though, this is still a collection of straight bangers for those who love rough, ultra-unpredictable dubstep punching through their ears.

Einarx: Invaders EP

The album’s brief intro serves as an appetizer Einarx’s remarkable dexterity as a producer. The sounds on Invaders feel as a decaying pile of construction machines and Transformers mixed with quick synths and a bit of Asian culture. This thing is all over the place but in a calculated, purposeful way. It’s simply impossible to know what’s around the corner, turning the record into an exhilarating, high-octane experience, particularly on the first few listens.

Invaders” and “Alicorn Hunter” mark part one and two of the album’s true opening, combining a heavenly break with an aggressive drop and hip-hop vocal samples. The floodgates definitely open on “Headless Horse“. The track is absolutely shocking, including a ridiculously bizarre intro paving the way for full-on madness, delivered by the synth’s crazy texture work. If it isn’t clear enough a voice appears saying “make sure it’s a horrible one!”. “G41 Theme” is by far the most laid-back tune, featuring an inviting 4/4 beat, flowing melodies and cute Asian sound bits. The last original song on the record, “Sunstroke“, works as a summary of the album, combining all previous elements to form a cohesive closer.

The last four tracks are remixes by Einarx and fellow Magnus artist Mantlegen, providing similar production styles, albeit working with actual singing verses on top of the usual ferocity.

Einarx has created yet another abrasive work of art with Invaders. Get the free download and crank up the speakers right below their breaking point. This monster’s not meant to be appreciated subtly.

Favorite Tracks: Alicorn Hunter, Headless Horse, G41 Theme, Chime – Wait For Me (Einarx Remix).

1. Intro 00:38
2. Invaders 04:00
3. Alicorn Hunter 04:26
4. Headless Horse 03:15
5. G41 Theme 03:10
6. Sunstroke 03:55
7. Sunstroke (Mantlegen Remix Clip) 01:32
8. Chime – Wait For Me (Einarx Remix) 04:56
9. DJT & Rusyd Rosman – Breathing Space (Einarx Remix) 04:35
10. Virtual Riot – In My Head (ft.PRXZM) (Mantlegen & Einarx Remix) 04:00

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