Rapper MIKE describes himself as a “bulky black body” from the Bronx. Breaking into the scene in 2014 with his debut Belgium Butter, MIKE swiftly earned a reputation for his sharp word-smithery and his unconventional flow, but most of all, for being fresh and daring. On his latest project, May God Bless Your Hustle, the rapper continues his journey of experimentation, giving us, in the process, perhaps one of the most refreshing hip-hop albums of 2017.

MIKE is one of those rappers who use their flow as a means to stun and surprise, rhyming word in ways we could never expect, ripping language up into fluttering bits of confetti. Often reminiscent of the strangely fascinating delivery of MF DOOM, MIKE is constantly shifting from one rhythm to the next through the album, playing with tempos and using quirky imagery like: “Watch his jaw get broken like a vase when it’s dropped”. As a backdrop for these rhyme-skills, he uses jagged, soul-sampling production in the style of Madlib and J Dilla. Among the themes explored on the album, depression and young adulthood take the spotlight. As MIKE eloquently put it in an interview with The FADER magazine, “The project is about maturing, leaving and arriving at new places”. Give May God Bless Your Hustle a listen if you’re in the mood for something bold and different; MIKE is an undoubtedly gifted upcoming artist.

Favorite Tracks: Hunger, armour, GREEDY, 100%

Track List
1. Somebody Please 03:34
2. Hunger 01:09
3. armour 01:25
4. Pigeonfeet 03:32
5. GREED w/ Standing on The Corner 01:28
6. GREEDY ft. Jesse Brotter 04:51
7. 100% ft. King Carter 02:08
9. Brick Blues 01:32
10. Rainforest 02:05
11. STANDOUT ft. Wiki & Chip Skylark 04:40
12. Paul ft. Johnny U 02:11
13. awalkingharlem ft. King Carter 02:49
14. Years/Alone 03:31
15. VICTORY LAB ft. Mal Devisa & King Carter 04:13

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