Looking for an aleternative to QuickBooks? PhreeBooks is an open source accounting system you can operate in a cloud environment. PhreeBooks 5 is a completely new web based application that utilizes the redesigned Bizuno ERP library, also developed by PhreeSoft.

Phreebooks customer features include an order status window so you can arrange the contents, as well as manage point of sales, invoices and sales orders. The system also lets you manage and get payments via different types of payment modules like cash and check. PhreeBooks also provides unlimited billing addresses, individualized credit forms for customers.

Its vendor features are just as extensive with expense accounts that can be assigned individually, Open/Closed PO management system and customized payment terms for each vendor.

PhreeBooks also has a wide array of features for inventories, like tracking due dates, purchase orders and sales orders, as well as distinct purchase descriptions and sales. In addition, you can use serial numbers for tracking, and designate accounts for cost of sales, inventory, cost accounts for sales and inventory stock level management.

Apart from the features cited above, PhreeBooks also has banking features so you can get payments from customers, reconcile payments complete with statements from the bank, write checks and pay vendors. If that isn’t enough, there are also human resources features, all of which are linked to its payroll for easier management.

While PhreeBooks has a lot of features and the interface is pretty easy to understand, the user interface is in huge need of updating. It still feels like it’s 1995! Bottom line, if you run a small business and you want to get away from the Quickbooks/Xero giants, this is one system you don’t want to do without.

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