The music of Lukhash redefines eclectic, and nowhere is this more apparent than in her latest album Ghosts. Her music, in her own words, is “8 bit rock”, and those elements are present here. But Ghosts shows how much her music has evolved and grown in complexity. Mixing vocals with electronica and thought provoking lyrics, and you’ve got a winning combination.

The title track Ghosts starts off with a slow, haunting melody. The tempo picks up in a minute, and it masks the angst-filled lyrics ” step 1you fall, crash and burn you’ll lose it all/Step 2, you sink, disappear into the brink/Step 3, you feel, hoping that this isn’t real“. The ghost refers not to a spirit but the “ghost” of someone long gone, and it’s very relatable. Destroy has a more upbeat tempo, and this is a classic example of the artist’s use of 8 bit effects, making it stand out from the typical electronica / techno track.

Drowning has sensuous vocals layered on synth waves, and it would sound just right in an 80s dance club or arcade. Funkotronic is one of the best tracks here, as the insistent funky beat goes well with the digital, techno and electronica elements spread throughout. The anthemic Take Control combines rap, rock riffs and powerful lyrics that is uplifting without being preachy.

Lullaby sounds like something you’d hear in an 80s TV soundtrack, but yet it still has modern elements. The shift in tempo here is seamless, as is the case with Eighty Five. This is perfect for the dance floor, with its futuristic yet retro groove. Sunset has a distinctly modern industrial sound, and its relentless, infectious rhythm can make people with two left feet dance.

Everywhere is a mid tempo song, but the lyrics pine for a lost love and harkens back to the title track. Next up is Space Invasion, and it lives up to its name with a healthy infusion of techno, 8 bit, and synth, blending together smoothly.

Heaven is a powerful electro rock instrumental, with touches of the classic rock ballad. Then we have Young Forever, another rousing track that fits well in an action video game score. Finally there is Under Your Skin, a dance track with lyrics that speak about breaking out and emerging from the darkness. Top to bottom, Ghosts is a solid album.

Favorite Tracks

Track List
1. Ghosts 3:09
2. Destroy 2:59
3. Drowning 3:24
4. Funkotronic 2:54
5. Take Control 2:41
6. Lullaby 3:33
7. Eighty-Five 3:40
8. Sunset 3:26
9. Everywhere 3:53
10. Space Invasion 3:00
11. Heaven 3:28
12. Young Forever 3:48
13. Under Your Skin 3:57

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