Backwords is a Brooklyn based band that combines psychedelic 60s rock with folk music. The end result is an eclectic, melancholic mix that simply sounds amazing. The Buffalo Still Roam is their sophomore release. They also released a third album, Quilt, which is available for purchase in limited edition Vinyl format.

For this second effort, it’s available for free download on the group’s website. It includes 8 tracks that are filled with plenty of personality, great vocal work and nothing short of fantastic cuts. The lo-fi quality of the record actually adds to its beauty, allowing listeners to get lost in the warm melodies. Right now, the group is busy promoting their new record as well as performing live shows and gigs in and around New York. Sounding like it was recorded ages ago, this nostalgic compilation is a must listen and definitely worth every ounce of your spare hard drive space.

The Buffalo Still Roam opens with the lovely, The Beggars and the Bread. It’s a mix of folk and rock with  raspy vocals and charming “ooh la la la’s” in the background. Meanwhile, Oklahoma, is a personal favorite. The track exudes with that beautiful classic vibe. Brian Russ’ voice is expressive and soothing. This one reminds me of Band of Horses only with a little more rawness. The sincerity in the vocals are excellent especially once he starts belting “she doesn’t know my name,” near the end part of the song.

Title track The Buffalo Still Roam, is perhaps one of the most psychedelic sounding cuts in the compilation. The hazy vocals and banjo picking on the background is trippy and interesting.

Overall, this is  one of the best albums I’ve listened to in awhile. Being a sucker for Band of Horses and similar psychedelic indie folk rock bands makes this compilation an instant shoo-in on my list. If you’re bordering on the same type of music as of the moment, then this will be a worthy download for you as well.

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