Songs From Stone Mountain by Dave Daniels is collection of folk pop indie americana tracks that’ll give you a taste of what it’s like staying in an American bayou or at least in a small American town.

The songs in this record evoke a quiet reverie, but there are also some tracks that are upbeat and cleverly intertwine a pop rock sound.

This is the artists’ first official release and it’s available for free download under a creative commons license. You can also check out his latest compilation, Just Like Ghosts, also available for free download. Get a taste of pure American tracks from this wonderful Florida singer/songwriter.

Listening to Songs from the Mountains is like listening to each song unfold its own story. There’s that classic feel to these songs that makes you think of Bob Dylan, circa 1960s with that folk rock lofi sound.

The compilation opens up nicely with the laid back semi acoustic number, My Hurricane. Daniel’s endearing vocals lets you picture a guy singing his heart, guitar on hand and sitting in his front porch. The lyrics are poetic and quite endearing. It’s followed by the narrative, The Wedding. Although the song sounds a bit typical, Daniels’ heartfelt vocals add a beautiful touch to the cut.

Sorry I Can’t Help You is a melodic track that incorporates violins with the singer’s expressive vocal work. ┬áIt’s one of the most subdued cuts in the record. Since we’re on the quiet note, The Bride (of a Bestfriend) is another lovely folk pop cut that features a simple but catchy melody. The lyrics are beautiful and reminds you of a song by Train.

Overall, the album might not capture your heart at first listen but after a couple of run throughs, it does grow on you. It’s not the type of album that blows you away the first time, but it takes its time; slowly embedding itself in your playlist and staying there.

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