(George Strait, Garth Brooks, Johnny Cash)

Summer Salt: The Places You Call Home

Summer Salt is the brainchild of Emi Knight, Ali Homan, Jenna Beasley, and Dave Segedy. The Places You Call Home, which was released on June 2011 is a tremendously stirring album. Gear up your headphones and let the singer’s graceful voice and ingenious lyrics, along with compassionate talent, bloom in your ears with elegance.

Eliot Wilder: Manual of Errors

A Manual of Errors is an intriguing album of Eliot Wilder. Its funky beats fused with alternative country folk makes up this exciting album. It has twelve tracks, with two of these purely instrumentals. Funky raps and beats, and definitely a fun, fun song, A Manual of Errors has more than the usual “interesting” tag. Its creative interlude, sudden silences in between the verses and the chorus creates anticipation. This track is a paradox of good old fun and dark humor.

American Thread: Killing Days

Creating gorgeous alt-country melodies with its own style and pace, Killing Days by American Thread is like a good old friend ready to pour you a drink. Killing Days is the debut album of the Boston-based band. Released last March 2013, the four-piece band presents us with 11 alternative americana with a kick of rock. The album was recorded with multi-instrumentalist/producer Steve Mayone.

Derek Clegg: Stop The Line

Singer-songwriter Derek Clegg serenades the alt folk country community with Stop The Line. Brimming with fourteen tracks, the Chicago native plays with rhythmic structure, deep emotions, and a whole lot of guitar lovin’.

Caleb Groh: Down, Dakota!

Teeming with sweet folk goodness, Down, Dakota! is Galeb Groh‘s October 2011 release. The collection features four tracks that define Caleb as a melodic folk musician. He won the Boston Music Award for Folk Artist of the Year 2012.

WoolFolk: Dances with WoolFolk

Dances with WoolFolk is a solid record that stages the members’ talents and captures them toward their journey further down the road. Band members include Michael Suhr (vocals, lead guitar, rhythm guitar, keyboards, percussion), Burgess Brown (vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboards, percussion), John Ewing (drums, percussion), Brantley Macfie (lead guitar, rhythm guitar), Sean Williams (vocals, bass, rhythm guitar, keyboards, percussion, drums), and Heath Abney (lead guitar).

Jason Cohn: Closed Doors

Jason Cohn’s music is a cherry on top of a delectable and thirst-quenching ice cream. Closed Doors, which was released last July 2013 is mainly composed of acoustic folk songs written by the singer himself. The songwriting of Cohn emanates his love and passion for creating good music to inspire the people who are listening to them.

Jody Aaron: Rivers

Pop rock has returned to its irresistible form, thanks to Jody Aaron. An accomplished songwriter, Jody performs some of his own compositions when not busy penning tunes for others. His debut EP Rivers, which he recently released, is one good mixed bag of treats; kudos to Scott Matthews for producing.

Joni Fatora: Blue Road

With the advent of sensitive singer-songwriter types, the all-important question “Who to follow?” seems harder and harder to answer as the days pass. But, to get you started, let us help you with that: Joni Fatora. The Connecticut-born songstress is poised to conquer air waves with her debut EP, Blue Road, and our picky ears are pretty much pointing to the positive route. (Yes, Joni’s our girl.)