Summer Salt is the brainchild of Emi Knight, Ali Homan, Jenna Beasley, and Dave Segedy. The Places You Call Home, which was released on June 2011 is a tremendously stirring album.

Gear up your headphones and let the singer’s graceful voice and ingenious lyrics, along with compassionate talent, bloom in your ears with elegance.

A heart-melting voice dominates The Sun, which is an intricately composed song. Everything is bright in this song as the singer graciously utters every lyric. It is a short yet worth-listening track.

Emi Completely is a lively song that lives up to the guarantee of its potential in the music industry. The beauty of folk music is emanated by the charm of this composition. Listening to this song is like sailing across a calm ocean.

Heart Races will uplifts you to the peaks of Himalayas, with air breathing on your face. It sounds relevant, sweet, vital, and delicate. A unique voice coupled with great lyrical abilities, this song is a heart-stopper track.


Closing up the collection with saccharine strings is You Are Small. Together with warm sweaters and a cup of coffee in a rainy morning, let this track’s effortless, simple delivery warm your soul.

A fierce, melodic declaration of love, grief, and never-ending journey; The Places You Call Home is a record that demands close listening and attention. It’s available as a pay-what-you-want/free download in Bandcamp.

Track List:
1. The Sun
2. Emi Completely
3. Heart Races
4. Learning So Much
5. Tiptoe Dancers
6. I Saw You Coming
7. A Love Song
8. Mosquito
9. Brave, You Are Brave
10. For Nico
11. You Are Small

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