(George Strait, Garth Brooks, Johnny Cash)

Odd Folk: Die Young

Blooming in its own pace, Odd Folk‘s 2012 musical project Die Young crafts honest and tasteful folk music fit for anyone’s taste. Featuring five radio-polished pieces, the Chicago-based band brings us back to vivid images of rolling hills and country landscapes. Odd Folk consists of Paul Cherewick (songwriter/guitar/vocals), Madely Strutz (banjo/vocals), Monty Weber (violin), and Chace Wall (mandolin/organ/vocals).

Shakey Graves: Roll the Bones

Roll The Bones by Shakey Graves might be two years old but it hasn't lost its charming touch. Filled to the brim with delightful acoustic, folk americana music; the album is soothing in a "hangin'-out-the-bayou" sort of way. Shakey Graves is the moniker of Texas based singer, Alejandro Rose-Garcia. This is his debut compilation and from the sound of things, it's setting him up for a bright future. His vocals, coupled with his expert guitar picking makes the songs delightful and entertaining.

Carsie Blanton: Ain’t So Green

Before Carsie Blanton‘s Buoy and Idiot Heart, let’s backtrack to the singer/songwriter’s first musical effort entitled Ain’t So Green. Based in New Orleans, Carsie has made a name for herself touring with Shawn Colvin, Joan Osborne, The Weepies, and Loudon Wainwright III, among others.

High Pop: Hip Hip Hooray

If your'e in the mood for some hazy, garage rock and saccharine pop, then High Pop is the band you should be listening to. After a successful run with their previous record, Hip Hip Hooray delivers the same sweet and intoxicating punk fuzz pop they've come to master. Treading this route the second time around has its benefits though, the band sounds more polished than ever and seem more comfortable with their chosen genre. Be prepared for track after track of energy filled, freaky indie rock mixed with a whole lot of sugary pop when you listen to this record.

Jacob Montague: Tiger And Traveler

Back with a brand new record that resonates with warm and rich instruments; banjo-wielding bearded guru, Jacob Montague proves that he�s ready to entertain and mesmerize listeners again. Jacob is actually no stranger to the Frostclick blog. His previous records, Fly On and On a Tightrope to the Sun have been featured here before.

Pepper Johnson: Flat Country

Hop on the the time machine as Pepper Johnsons' Flat Country brings you good old country melodies with a psychedelic twist. Released last June 19, this 8-track album was written and performed by David Moore at Brooklyn, NY. Other musicians that made this album possible are Jeff Ratner, Kari Groff, and Kristen Andreason.

Roomtone: Turkish Saddle

Encapsulating an overall sunny and chill vibe, Roomtone's Turkish Saddle is a fun and lounge-y album that screams sun-soaked carefree days. With an album cover of a man holding a vintage camera filtered in sepia tone, this full-length pays tribute to bedsit bands of the past and present. Turkish Saddle offers twelve tracks all written, arranged, and produced by Alexander Yaker.

Daniel James: Comfortable Cage

Inspired by indie favorites Bon Iver, Racounters, The Shins, Sufjan Stevens and Kings of Leon, among others; it's easy to make Daniel James your new favorite if you like the music of the artists mentioned. Comfortable Cage flits between blueesy rock one moment and then moody folk rock to the next, entertaining the audience all the way through. The album itself is a couple of years old and was recorded at "ma and pa's house before they destroyed my studio and built a bigger kitchen... " according to the artist.