Software or Games for iPad

Paper Toss Friends

Paper Toss Friends is the sequel to the original smash hit game and developer Backflip Studios has upped the ante making it more exciting with an addition of a multiplayer mode. The game, available for the iPhone and iPad, has the same goal as the original and that is to flick an object into the bin. This is a very simple but addictive game, and you’ve probably played something similar to it in the office or at home.

Scan Pages

Scan Pages, to put it simply, adds a scanning element to your iPhone. Developed by Ricoh Innovations Inc, the app allows you to scan product labels, signs, magazines, forms, documents and more. There are a few apps like it on iTunes, but this one stands out because of its sophisticated image processing technology. Scanning is a breeze. Use your phone’s camera to take a snapshot of the document. Move the yellow dots to adjust the borders. This yellow rectangle can be used to fix distorted photos. The app is best used with documents on a white background with black text.


It comes as no surprise that GateGuru by Mobility Apps LLC is one of the top rated apps for the iPhone and Android. Pertinent information like airport amenities, push notifications and data about flight is within your reach. GateGuru has four modules namely Airports, High Flyers, Account and Trips. Most of the time you will be at the airport section. Its coverage is extensive; you can search the entire list, by city, airport code or location. Favorite amenities and airports can be bookmarked. You can even track your flights in real time.

Offline Gmail

Offline Gmail by Google gives you access to your mail even without an Internet connection. At first this seems unnecessary; aren’t we always online with desktop computers, laptops, smartphones and Wi-Fi hotspots? Actually, it is necessary. Web connections are plentiful in the US and many other countries. But what if you’re traveling to a place or country where Web access is choppy?

Zillow Real Estate Mobile App

The Zillow Real Estate mobile app has all the features anyone who wants to buy, sell, or rent a home in the US could want. Created by Zillow, it comes with a mortgage calculator, housing rental costs and values. It relies on GPS technology, so you will be able to use it as you drive around looking for property. It obtains real estate information from your location. To use, just tap Current Location and a map will pop up. Values will be shown, while color-coded arrows signify whether a property is for sale, been sold or available for rent. Zillow moves along with your travel so the data is relevant to your position. You can also type specific locations (city, neighborhood or a particular address).

iHandy Level Free

iHandysoft is known for making a lot of useful apps for the iOS and Android, and iHandy Level Free is one of them. This nifty app turns your device into an alignment tool. This spirit level app has no fancy features, but it does the job right. IHandy Level can be used for a variety of household tasks like roof pitch calculations. It can also be used to measure walls, furniture, decors and take various angles. Students can rely on this to perform assorted measurements. Because iHandy Level uses the iPhone’s accelerometer, the results are spot-on. In fact the app can be used for measuring vehicle inclination.


Foursquare is an app that lets you record the places you’ve been to and share them with friends. Developed by Foursquare Labs, you will also get recommendations based on the places you and your friends have been to. The app is not just a basic travel companion. It’s a tool for finding promos and sales close by. For the budget traveler, this can be a real lifesaver. Foursquare’s interface is simple enough that new users will have no problems learning. Clear explanations are given as to why they point to a particular recommendation.


UberSocial for Twitter has been called the Swiss Army Knife of Twitter apps. This nifty little software from Ubermedia, Inc allows you to create a "favorite users" list. You will never miss a tweet from your friends again. For those who get a lot of tweets, this feature will save time scrolling through hundreds of messages. But the app has many other features. You can mute users or hashtags for a specific period (or permanently). Menus can be customized so only the most used items appear. Facebook users will be glad to know that they can post Tweets there.