Software or Games for iPad


Flipboard is your virtual news magazine for the iOS and Android. Created by Flipboard Inc, the app allows you to create a custom magazine. From it you can browse tweets, get Facebook newsfeeds, YouTube videos and many more. Once you install Flipboard, you�ll see boxes on the main page. To put contents on each box, just tap it. The Content Guide will appear showing you categories like Tech, Food & Design, Business, Arts and more. There are suggestions available for popular online news magazines, sports columnists� tweets and more. Just tap the Add button to include it.

Talking Ginger

Talking Ginger from Out Fit 7 Ltd. is a virtual pet app for the Android and iOS, and your objective here is to take care of Ginger the kitten. That means putting him to bed on time, talking to him and helping him with other tasks like shows, potty, brushing his teeth and so on. Its really a cute app and while its aimed at kids, even adults will fall in love with this kitten.


There are a ton of photo apps for the iPhone, but Mirrorgram by StageBloc Inc. is different from the rest. With Mirrorgram, you can add a mirror image to any object in the iPhone's camera lens, but this isn't just a simple mirroring trick as it can produce stunning kaleidoscope-like images. The app isn't just free, but is also easy to use and you see what's happening in real time.


Zite is an iOS news reading app but it also offers personalized reading that other news readers / magazine apps cannot match. Developed by Zite Inc this app will bring you content based on articles you have read as well as the stuff that people in your social networks are talking about. This way you only get the info that you want.

The Last Driver

The Last Driver is all about driving in a muscle car in an apocalyptic landscape, trying to rend off zombies, dinosaurs and a host of other terrors that has come up from the world. Created by Chillingo Ltd, you have no goal other than to survive. If youre looking for a fun game that has plenty of action and speed, this is it.

One Epic Knight

There are lots of endless runner games out there, and One Epic Knight is one of them. But this game from Simutronics is more than just a rip-off of other runners, as it brings something new to the table. In the game you play a knight who is going through a dungeon destroying orcs, smashing obstacles and collecting treasure all at the same time.


Unstuck is an app designed to help you live a better life. The goal is lofty but the Unstuck Team has fitted this self help app with all the tools to help you deal with the problems that you face every day, and also how to grow as a person. Its like a digital tool with hints and tips from people who were stuck and how they got out of it.