Software or Games for iPhone


A fun and quirky game, JellyCar has won its fair share of fans. Created by Walaber, the game puts you in control of a jelly car that will go through all the nooks and crannies until it sees the highly elusive stop sign. Thanks to its popularity, succeeding versions of the App has been developed including the latest one by Disney. Of course, the newer versions are available for a price so it's best if you give this free one a try first before shelling out the cash. The game combines beautiful graphics, responsive controls and very addictive gameplay to turn it into a complete winner. Try it out.


Dactyl is a fun and addictive game that you'll definitely enjoy. The game was developed and released by Mauvila Software. It was initially offered for $0.99 but has since been offered for free by the company. In the game, your job is to diffuse the bombs that light up, but you have to diffuse them in the same order that they light up, otherwise it's kaboom! It's essentially a fast-paced memory game where remembering is an important factor for you not to be blown to bits. So if you are up for a little challenge, have good dexterity in your fingers and a sharp memory, this game is just waiting for you to play. Grab it right now.

Free Solitaire 3D

erhaps one of the easiest and most well-known computer game since the days of yore is the Solitaire. With countless remakes and a couple of face lifts; this cool, classic game is now hitting the iPad and other iOS device in full 3D. Created by GrassGames, this Free Solitaire 3D is a great way to keep yourself busy on your spare time. It has everything that the classic card game has to offer and a little bit more. The game is offered as a free download on the Mac App Store, so go ahead and download this one by simply hitting the download link above the image.

Full Deck Solitaire

Looking for a challenging yet fun game of Solitaire? Try out this Full Deck Solitaire from GRL Games. Full Deck Solitaire lets you play this classic card game along with some fun new features. Showcasing an easy to use interface and great graphics, you'll definitely enjoy playing Solitaire on your free time. It's also perfect if you simply need a breather from all the work you have. Created by GRL Games, the game is offered as a free download on the Mac App Store. It works great on the iPad, iPhone as well as iTouch so feel free to grab this one.

Crash Landing

Ever wonder what it must be like to drive and land your own spaceship? What controls do you need to use? Is the physics behind it all that difficult? Well, download Crash Landing and you might just find out how challenging it is to land your own space craft. This cool game is available for free download on iTunes. The game was created by Marketwall.com and was first released about 3 years ago. The game gives players a chance to experience manipulating their own space shuttle where the objective is to land their spacecraft upright without crashing. If you're up for a challenge (and trust me, you'll get plenty of it here) then give this one a download.


Need a good tracker for the different tasks or projects you need to get done? iProcrastinate is a helpful tool that might become your best friend. Let's face it, we all love to procrastinate at some point. Whether we simply hate organizing things that we're supposed to do or just like to put things off on purpose; this little program could help you sort things out. Developed by Craig Otis, iProcrastinate is available as a free download for the iPhone and Mac. It's a helpful organizer that's perfect for students, moms, or anybody who needs help getting things in their to-do list done.

Tap Defense

Tap Defense pits you against monsters from the underworld who are trying to break down different barriers just to get to heaven. Offered absolutely free in the App Store, the game is considered one of the best tower defense strategy games available for free. It was created by TapJoy and since it's release it has become of the biggest, most downloaded free apps in the iTunes library. Of course, it's not just because it's offered for free that makes it great but it's actually a very addictive and entertaining strategy game. Combining strategy and good old fun, you'll certainly enjoy this one. Why not go ahead and check it out?

Doodle Hangman

Hangman is already an addictive enough game on its own, but with this highly stylized, animated version; you'll definitely want to keep playing over and over again. Released by EnsenaSoft, Doodle Hangman is an amazing new game worth trying. The game offers tons of features including a two player option. You can easily play with your mate and provide your own words while playing. The animation is excellent and definitely adds to the fun of playing this cool word puzzle. Give the game a download. It's perfect for the iPad, iPhone as well as iTouch.

Pew Pew

Hailed by many as one of the best shooter games available for free download on the App Store, Pew Pew has certainly lived up to its name ever since it was released. The game is a multidirectional shooter that's actually similar to Geometry Wars and another shooter game we've reviewed here in Frostclick, called Grid Wars. It plays perfectly on both the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Similar to Grid Wars, the game features a ton of retro graphics, an assortment and a bombardment enemies as well as a very cool gameplay. Give the game a try.