Have a knack for editing pictures and then uploading then on Facebook for all to see? Well, here is something that fits your app needs to the maximum level and that is Pixlr-o-matic. This app truly redefines the simplicity of 1-2-3 editing by making everything intuitive and simple. The app was created by one of the Top Developers on the Android Market, AutoDesk Inc., who has made quite a few mind boggling productive apps in the pat and Pixlr-O-Matic definitely takes cue from the legacy.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Ever felt the need for a photo-editor right on your smartphone? How many times have you got the picture-perfect look, but a little tweak would not do any harm? Well than, say adios to your desktop editor and lay your hands on the Adobe Photoshop Express for Android. The Photoshop family is nothing new to the editing scene and with its availability on Android platform, the game just gets bigger. Photoshop Express gets editing done in a jiffy and before knowing, you are ready for Social Networking upload.


Anyone designing DWG files knows AutoCAD. This is one of the best DWG file creators with visuals that can only be sought in powerful, hungry and monster-spec rigs. The availability of AutoCAD WS for iOS takes mobility of this powerful graphic solution to the next level. Developed by Autodesk Inc. this is one app whose quality and tool integration cannot be questioned. AutoCAD WS really brings power of accessibility into the hands of the users.


If scribbling on pictures was your childhood obsession, then you have the chance to live it all-over again with Skitch. Yes, this app allows users to scribble on any past, current and every picture you can lay your hands on. It not only allows to scribble but also annotate, edit, and save right on the device. The buck does not stop there, users can also sketch something entirely new, makeup an existing photo, and save it to Evernote or share with various applications and sites.

Windows Live Writer 2011

For people who prefer to write their blogposts offline, Windows Live Writer 2011 is your best solution. If you're running a Windows 7 OS, chances are you might already have this software installed on there somewhere. For those who are running an older Windows OS, you can grab the download and get started with blogging right away. The software is a great way to write your drafts and easily upload, even publish them, to your respective blogs. No more griping about losing everything the moment you lose your internet connection while saving. It supports blog themes, categories, tags and so much more that there's really no need to head to your blog's interface just to write your post.


Pinnacle Studios has received a handful of criticism for limited functionality of its software, but things seem to have changed with VideoSpin. VideoSpin is a free video-editing software that offers plenty of options for beginner editors. This video-editor performs really well in comparison to its other free counterparts, making this a perfect choice for casual use. This obviously is no match to the full-paid editors, but does a decently good job by providing options like transitions, various codec supports, output of clips for Video networking sites such as Youtube, Metacafe, just to name a few.


Looking for a DJing software, but found some too complicated and others hefty on the pocket? No worries, here is Mixxx. An open-source, free DJ software that punches in everything to perform live mixes to casual mixing in the house. Mixxx really has those perfect mix of tools for a rookie entering the DJ scene with minimal knowledge. Hot Cues, Looping Control, Cross-faders, Pitchers. You name it and its present in the User-friendly Interface of the software to get you started without breaking a sweat.

Microsoft’s Image Composite Editor

With the help of the Image Composite Editor, you can now create simple panoramic images even without using a wide lens camera. It's the perfect program for seamlessly weaving together different photos and creating a gorgeous panoramic picture of choice. Whether you use 4 photographs or 200, it can get the job done without much fuss. With a simple interface and tons of reliable features incorporated, this neat little program will serve its function well. The program is primarily geared towards the Windows system and works great on a Vista, XP and even Windows 7.


Creevity is a program designed to track the album art of mp3 music files and acts as a helping hand in the organisation of a music library. All it takes is one click. Furthermore, ‘no matter to which folder you move your mp3 file, the saved cover will always be there for you’. With its simple interface, this program can be accessed by everyone. All one has to do is select the programs file menu, add a desired folder and then pick from a list of suggestions. Creevity not only allows you to add album covers to mp3s; it also enables a user to change, delete or add alternative images to an mp3 file.