With the help of the Image Composite Editor, you can now create simple panoramic images even without using a wide lens camera. It’s the perfect program for seamlessly weaving together different photos and creating a gorgeous panoramic picture of choice. Whether you use 4 photographs or 200, it can get the job done without much fuss.

With a simple interface and tons of reliable features incorporated, this neat little program will serve its function well. The program is primarily geared towards the Windows system and works great on a Vista, XP and even Windows 7.

The Image Composite Editor is so good at what it does that you won’t even need to pull out Photoshop for this project any longer. It can take several images with different vantage points and piece them together as if it was one big photo taken at one time. The nice thing is that it offers the image in high resolution. Providing you with a beautiful shot that’s definitely worth raving about.

With a simple-to-navigate interface, the program is easy to use even for beginners or those who aren’t technically proficient. When preparing to create a composite, you can easily drag and drop the individual pictures. There are several options for the style or angle of the camera you want the final image to have as well.

Apart from using pictures you take, it can also create a composite from film stills or frames. For the resulting composite image, the editor can automatically crop it or users can do it manually. You can then save the final image into different formats including JPEG, BMP, PNG, TIFF and even Photoshop.

Unlike other programs that are more complicated to use, the Image Composite Editor works like magic. It creates panoramic images with hardly any trace of the seams. Moreover, thanks to the high resolution, the final image is a beauty to behold. This is certainly a must-try program for photographers all over.

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