Security & Privacy

Web of Trust

The Internet is a fun place, but we all know there are online scams, hacked sites and so on, and if you are worried about privacy and security, having a utility like Web of Trust (WOT) can come in handy. This browser add-on, available for Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safari and Opera, tells you which websites are the most trustworthy based on user experiences and ratings.

Photo Private & Lock

Photo Private Lock from Metro 8 has a pretty descriptive name, because that’s exactly what it does, keep your personal photos and videos private. These days we use Widows Mobile as much for work as for personal matters and entertainment, and to prevent people from accidentally seeing your personal stuff, you can use this app to hide them.


Duplicati is a free backup program that does backups in remote file servers and cloud storage devices. You can use this program to store compressed and encrypted files on Google Drive, OneDrive and other cloud storage devices. It's very easy to use, and takes away the drudgery that comes with backing up files.