Fishing Diary

If fishing seems to be an attractive option for you, but you lack the patience, the equipment and a boat, then we have an awesome alternative to satisfy your hunger with and that is Fishing Diary. So go ahead and catch some of the most exotic fish or even a shark with just a click. Created by DroidHen, the developer has served an array of wonderful games before and with Fishing Diary they have lived up to the tradition of being one-of-the best.

Cut The Rope

There are very few instances in the gaming world when the central character garners a bigger fan-following than the entire game itself. Cut The Rope is just one of such examples, where the cute little green monster OM-NOM takes over the fans with its amazing look and the most infectious personality. Cut The Rope was developed by Zeptolabs and the team back there has surely done a terrific job - and this not only applies to the cute little character but also to the way the app always stays updated and fresh.


Here is a cute little game with its own twist of Good vs Evil. HeavenHell features a cute, round and fluffy angel and a similar looking devil, painted in Evil Red. The game's architecture is physics-based and will appeal to gamer of every kind. Kiddies might just keep smiling, everytime this game is launched. Developed by Nelphy Games, the game does not have any concept or a definite storyline, it is present just for the entertainment value and it surely does provide the player with a lot of just that.

Clouds & Sheep

Care for a sweet, nice and casual gaming session that will make you feel silly and also make you laugh? Well, it is time to try Clouds & Sheep on Android. The game is very casual and does not cross any threshold in the gaming world. Created by Handy Games, this developer is a Top Developer on the Android Market and has churned up some seriously awesome casual games for the iOS and Android platform.

Finger Trap

There are times when Blackberry users complain on being the most ignored platform, as far as games and fun apps go. Well, it is quite true that the Blackberry OS stands nowhere in competition with iOS and Android in terms of games. So, here we have an exclusive Blackberry offering, called Finger Trap. Developed by Tafasa, who already have quite a few casual games under-their-belt, Finger Trap should certainly please all of the Blackberry boys looking for some casual gaming fun.

Crazy Basketball

Another crazy, fun, and casual gaming session has invaded the iOS platform and it is called Crazy Basketball. This one takes the cake as far as casual gaming goes with a heady mix of smooth gameplay, cute characters, cartoon animations, groovy in-game music and plethora of unlock-ables. Developed by Yogamen Inc., the company already has quite an impressive variety of releases for the iOS gamers and does quite a commendable job with Crazy Basketball.


So here we finally have something for all Windows Mobile users. Penguin is a very casual game set ready for you to enjoy in the spare time. Its certainly not a serious game but more of a fun offering or a children oriented play. Developed by Mike Newman, an individual developer, the game tried to embody a minimalist approach without any glitter and glamour. The game itself can be termed as a true time-killer and give birth to a new genre in the mobile gaming world.

Mole from Hole

The Blackberry platform is pure-work and very little fun. So here is a sweet little arcade offering, Mole from Hole that will surely bright up your day. The game is not graphically intense and might still be in the shadows of those for iOS and Android, but it will certainly become a great casual game for all the spare time. Developed by TechSoft Venture, these developers have quite a good experience with games for Blackberry users.

Monster Mouth DDS

This one if for all the kids who just hate visiting the dentist. So, kids it is your time to play the dentist and clean the mouth and teeth of big, ugly monsters with bad-odor. Monster Mouth DDS is a game that features loads of gun creatures with a cavity problem that need to be addressed. The game is primarily targeted at the kids and it has its own fun moments. Keeping the target-audience in mind, the developer has done quite a decent job in terms of gameplay, environments and the role they play.